Disclosure of marriage scams; verification of the data specified on the dating

Тип объявления: предложение
Регион:Украина, Киев
Предлагает: casik
Дата размещения:13.01.2022
Цена:300 €


If you decide to find your soul mate through the Internet, you have every chance of becoming a victim of marriage swindlers. As a rule, 50-70% of dating sites are filled with fictitious personal data, behind which are scammers trying to "hook you on their hook." In order not to become a victim of marriage scammers, first make sure that you are communicating with a real person who wants to get to know you better, and not a swindler. To do this, contact the FIRST UKRAINIAN BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS. Our private investigators will professionally and accurately check the information on your chosen ones and, if you have already fallen for a fraudster, they will promptly warn you against the prospect of becoming a victim.
More information about the agency can be found on the website https://fubi.com.ua




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